As Interviewer
With Hettie Jones on Yugen and Totem Press; with Margaret Randall on El Corno Emplumado / The Plumed Horn; and with Maureen Owen on Telephone and Telephone Books, Chicago Review 59:1/2 (2015), 78-112.
With Jaime Robles on Five Trees Press, The Conversant (2015).
With C. D. Wright on Lost Roads Press, The Conversant (2015).
With Joanne Kyger on The Bolinas Hearsay News, The Conversant, reprinted in There You Are: Interviews, Journals, and Ephemera (2017, Wave Books).
With Bernadette Mayer on her small press publishing work, Coldfront Magazine (2014, part one, two, three).
With Alice Notley on  CHICAGO, The Conversant (2014).
As Interviewee
12 or 20 (second series) questions with Stephanie Anderson,” Rob McLennan’s 12 or 20 Series (2020).
Stephanie Anderson Talks about Publishing Chapbooks,” Chicago Manual of Style Cross Talk, (2015).
Stephanie Anderson on Projective Industries,” Poetry Society of America (2014).
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